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Map of Exodus
Map of Exodus
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Aegis - Sir Crag Barrowstone, Forgeborn - PDF | Mobile
Alchemist - Riley morgan, Human - PDF | Mobile
Antipaladin - Siusan Kinnon, Human - PDF | Mobile
Bard - Chenoa Gryn, Prymidian - PDF | Mobile
Cavalier - Longshadow, Human - PDF | Mobile
Cleric - Amne Isa Zara, Tiefling - PDF | Mobile
Druid - Graal, Dalrean - PDF | Mobile
Fighter - Nose-Cutter, Enuka - PDF | Mobile
Gunslinger - Freja Ilyanovka, Human - PDF | Mobile
Inquisitor - Natasha Ilyanovik Human - PDF | Mobile
Investigator - Markus Smith, Human - PDF | Mobile
Machinesmith - Milka Bronislaw, Human - PDF | Mobile
Magus - Twelfth Blade, Android - PDF | Mobile

Malefactor - Dai-Yu, Cynean - PDF | Mobile
Monk - Xill, Sasori - PDF | Mobile
Occultist - ??????, ?????? - PDF | Mobile
Oracle - ??????, ?????? - PDF | Mobile
Paladin - Onishi Yumi, Human - PDF | Mobile
Protean Scribe - Sinoshi Hai, Human - PDF | Mobile
Psion - Yepa Awenasa, Cavian - PDF | Mobile
Ranger - Ashur Vendana, Human - PDF | Mobile
Rogue - Karissa, P'Tan - PDF | Mobile
Spiritualist - Shani Bennu, Human - PDF | Mobile
Sorcerer - Dema-Ma, Cynean - PDF | Mobile
Summoner - Ronan, Human - PDF | Mobile
Swashbuckler - Orsia Wentworth, Human - PDF | Mobile
Warpriest - Oleg Ilyanovik, Human - PDF | Mobile
Wizard - Katlan Bredj Huelta, Kalisan - PDF | Mobile
Witch - Akarma, Kalisan - PDF | Mobile
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Cleric - Hans Skeffard, Human - PDF
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History and Nations

The Era of Man began two millennia ago with the creation of the Kaga. Under the Kaga’s leadership, Man overthrew the evil First Ones. New kingdoms rose and took over Exodus.

Three centuries ago, the great nations of Exodus turned on each other in a world-wide war that became known as the Twilight War. For decades, the war raged in and ground the nations of Exodus.

After the battle of Aremyhk, a new group, known as the Janissaries – psionic monks – imposed a peace and forced all four nations to get together.
Thus the Arman Protectorate, the Caneus Empire, the Dominion and the Reis Confederacy formed a confederated government named the Imperial Alliance, ruled by a Senate composed of nobles from each nation. This was the first year of unification and the calendars were renumbered according to the year 1AU.

In the following years, Sametian nobles sought acceptance into the Alliance but were refused due to expansionist view on the territory by each member nation. In protest, they declared “Since civilization turned its back upon us, so shall we turn our back upon it”. Almost overnight, Sametia turned to barbarism and active destruction of anything civilized. In 69AU, the Sametian united under a Warrior-Queen and took the name of Janus Horde.

Arman ProtectorateThe Arman Protectorate is a hereditary monarchy ruled by Tsarina Anayanka Kryszkas. The Protectorate is part of the Imperial Alliance. The Protectorate controls vast armies of golems and constructs they call Clockwork Warriors. Clockwork Warriors provide additional support and power. The Protectorate is a Neutral nation.

Caneus Empire The Caneus Empire is a feudal monarchy ruled by Empress Cassandra Eland. The Empire is part of the Imperial Alliance. The Empire is best known for its knights. The empire has the most professional army in all of Exodus and its nobles constantly train to keep their skills sharp. The Caneus Empire is a Lawful Neutral Nation.

DominionThe Dominion is a Magocratic Monarchy ruled by Khagan Malik ibn Al’adim. The Dominion is part of the Imperial Alliance. Most notable in the Dominion is that its nobility is composed almost exclusively of spellcasters. The Dominion is one of the most cosmopolitan nations on Exodus. Because of this, its army is the smallest in the Alliance, but its magical power is vast. The Dominion is mostly Lawful Good, but many well-integrated elements lean towards evil and selfishness.

Gavea is an island nation to the west of Exodus. It is a fractured land ruled by tribal leaders. It is not a part of the Imperial Alliance. Gavea is very much a frontier that has yet to be thoroughly explored by the powers of Exodus.

Janus HordeThe Janus Horde is a barbaric horde ruled by Warrior-Queen Thais of the steppe. Actively seek to destroy civilization. The Horde is not part of the Imperial Alliance.


Reis ConfederacyThe Reis Confederacy is a confederation of mostly independent city-states ruled by the cursed Imperatrix Lolani Gazsi. It is part of the Imperial Alliance. The Confederacy boasts the largest collection of huge monsters and tribesmen from its dark, impenetrable jungles. Its armies are vast, but territorial. As a nation, the Confederacy leans heavily towards chaos and evil.

Dangers of NeoExodus

Races of NeoExodus

Religions of NeoExodus

Sanguine CovenantThe Sanguine Covenant is a monotheistic religion that seeks to control all others. The Covenant opposes fiends (undead, evil outsiders, evil elementals, evil shapeshifters and more).

The Church of the Kaga is a religion based on gathering knowledge for the Kaga.

The Church of Khayne is a brutal church dedicated to Khayne, the vile lord of death and murder.

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