Amazing Comics Present The Good Guys – Strikeforce One

Strikeforce One – Standard Super hero (Super soldiers) group

  • Alpha, Captain – Place currently no filled
  • Beta, White Male, Captain, Energy manipulator (Twin brother of Gamma, Love Interest of Smith)
  • Gamma, African-American Male, First Lieutenant, Force manipulator (Twin brother of Beta; Love Interest of Evangelyne “Eve” Kirby)
  • Delta, White (Irish / German) Female, Chief Warrant Officer 3, Can manipulate metal, glass, plastic or rubber. (sister of Evangelyne “Eve” Kirby, Love Interest of Triple (Trip))
  • Epsilon, White (Italian) Male, First Sergeant, Nanite infused Combat Specialist (Love Interest of Deuce)
  • Zeta, African-American Female Corporal, Precognition and Photographic reflexes Combat Specialist
  • Theta, Native-American (Mohawk) Male, Private, Electrical Energy blaster
  • Iota, Asian (Indian) Male, Private, Shape Changer
  • Sigma, Hispanic (Puerto Rican / German) Female, Private First Class, Tank type character (sister of Maxwell Cross and Daughter of Victory)
  • Psi, White (Irish) Female, Sergeant, Telepath and Telekinetic
  • Omega, Synthetic Humanoid, Specialist, Cyberpathy and Technopathy, Energy blaster