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So let’s talk about the one thing that we’ve been really avoiding lately and that’s pay rates. The biggest issue with pay rates is that people want a lot of money even a small business and you don’t always have that kind of money to give them. So I decided to be extremely transparent on what I’m looking to pay for the people creating my projects in the future with our amazing line and any other comic book lines we develop. So first and foremost, I think realistically my per page pay rate with everything included is going to be about $200 per page. With that $200 it’s going to break down roughly like this: Between $75 to $100 for the artist; $25 to $40 for the colorist; $15 to $30 for the inker; and 15 to $25 for the letterer. Currently, we don’t have an editor because that’s going to be kind of my job but, of course, I will be hiring one in the future to handle the project because God knows that’s not my specialty and that’s not something I want to get involved with on a long-term basis.

Another thing that I’m looking at is art style. There are several artists I am big fans of that I think would work well in my comic books but I don’t know if I can always afford those people of course. I think I know for the long-term survival of my amazing Universe line the style that I would say I’m most in love with is Stuart Immonen. I think his style is exactly what I like seeing in comics. I think it flows very well as a visual entertainment and I just love him so that’s why I want to focus on that. With my Grand Theft Exodus webcomic, I would be looking more like the traditional Paul Dinn style of artwork. Very cartoony, very simple but awesomely done. Making things dynamically such as the effects the effects of fire and blast of energy those kind of things. I’d like to look more modern but keep a simplistic style of the main characters what’s going on in the foreground while the background cityscape and buildings would be done as 3D models and then having the artist draw around that. I think that will be a great design choice for myself as a publisher or just someone who loves art.

More to come…

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