Code name Indigo Donkey 2.0 is coming…

So for those who don’t know but we are starting up an all-new Code name Indigo Donkey 2.0. First off, what is Code name Indigo Donkey 2.0? It is the code name for a sequel to ANOTHER project that we did called Code name Indigo Donkey. The idea and concept that I used in that project will be updated in this new Indigo Donkey 2.0. I am not announcing everything we are planning with Code name Indigo Donkey 2.0. Now we are noting going to tell you what we are doing just understand, it will be for 5th edition of Dungeon & Dragons. So get ready we are going to keep releasing more ideas and material on Code name Indigo Donkey 2.0 and ejoy what we are planning.

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