Amazing Campaign Setting

Welcome to the Amazing Campaign Setting for use with the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition ruleset under the Super-Powered by M&M license

Strikeforce One – Standard Superhero (Super Soldiers) group

  • Alpha, Captain – Place currently no filled
  • Beta, Captain, Energy manipulator (Twin brother of Gamma)
  • Gamma, First Lieutenant, Force manipulator (Twin brother of Beta)
  • Delta, Chief Warrant Officer 3, Can manipulate metal, glass, plastic and/or rubber. (sister of Evangelyne “Eva” Kirby)
  • Epsilon, First Sergeant, Nanite infused Combat Specialist
  • Zeta, Corporal, Precognition and Photographic reflexes Combat Specialist
  • Theta, Private, Electrical Energy blaster
  • Iota, Private, Shape Changer
  • Sigma, Private First Class, Tank type character (sister of Maxwell Cross and Daughter of Victory)
  • Psi, Sergeant, Telepath, and Telekinetic

Twilight Inc. – Sci-Fi/Explorers group

  • Doctor Deva Sahir-Morgan, Leader, Astrophysics and Quantum Mechanics, Geothermal Control (Ex-husband of Wayne Morgan, Mother of Timin Sahir-Morgan)
  • Doctor Hollis Whitehall, Xeno and Marine biology, Material Mimicry
  • Professor Rhiannon Pryce, Geology and Geophysics, Catalyst Control (Love Interest of Orvin “Winter” Walker)
  • Professor Felix Olsson, Biochemistry and  Molecular Biology, Water transformation and manipulation
  • Kane Muto, Mechanical and Electrical engineering, Physics distortion field    
  • Orvin “Winter” Walker, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Expert (Love Interest of Professor Rhiannon Pryce)
  • Evangelyne “Eva” Kirby, General Counsel & Information Broker (Eidetic Memory, Control Information, Hyper-linguistic) (sister of Delta, Love Interest of Gamma)
  • Randall “Ares” Seaton, Personal Security, creates energy solidification weapons
  • Timin “Tim” Sahir-Morgan, Boy genius and troublemaker AKA Jonny Quest for the 21st century  (Son of Doctor Deva Sahir)

Hexstrike Black – Military / Urban hero group

  • Smith, Friction Control, Leader of Hexstrike Black
  • King, Chemical Mimicry
  • Queen, Energy Body 
  • Bishop, Sound Manipulation
  • Knight, Kinetic energy absorption and growth
  • Rook, Force field generation
  • Pawn, Self Duplication
  • Random, Intelligence Ops

Cybermancy – Mystical hero group

Cerberus – Corporate Security / Espionage  Team

Orphans – Teen super team