Chronicle of the Gatekeepers Omega: Dawn of a Thousand Wars (PFRPG)


This adventure is the climax of the Chronicle of the Gatekeepers Campaign Serial.

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Having crossed Exodus, the heroes launch themselves across the multiverse to another new world, Earth, and land in the underwater city of Atlantis. Though it is a shadow of its former glory, Atlantis proves to be full of exceptional danger, for not only is it full of the descendants of paranoid isolationists, but those hermits have recently been implored to fight in an intergalactic war!

The heroes must navigate this bustling city as it reawakens from its isolation, fending off locals and strangers from other worlds alike as they search for the criminal wizard Pushae.

Once they find him, however, stopping him is the least of their worries: the Gatekeepers take great offense in someone meddling in their war effort and will stop at nothing to protect themselves. Fortunately, by the time the party has the full attention of the Gatekeepers, they find themselves at the very heart of the war effort, with access to experimental weapons of unbridled power.

This adventure is the climax of the Chronicle of the Gatekeepers Campaign Serial, and includes:

  • An introduction to Atlantis, a system-neutral setting that branches out into countless other worlds, and the brewing interstellar war
  • Six new siege weapons, including the obliteration cannon and the tesla lance
  • Two new racial implants, one for Atlanteans and one for vespans
  • Statistics for the highly advanced Atlanteans, who long ago reached the peak of physical perfection
  • Twelve hooks you can use to continue your campaign, either on Exodus or elsewhere

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