Infinite Space: Alternate Racial Traits: Worlds of Difference (SFRPG)



The player character races provided in the core rulebook offer a good foundation for science fantasy adventures. Each race boasts a set of special traits that describes their strengths and talents. Given the vast size and epic scope of the universe, each race holds the potential for a near-endless variety of what traits they may possess. Here are several new alternate racial traits for each of the core races. These alternate traits offer a way for players to differentiate their characters while also providing the GM with tools for expanding and enhancing their campaigns. This sourcebook includes the following alternate racial traits:

  • Android: Lie Detector, Non-Lethal Response, Social Heuristics and Starship Link
  • Human: Classically Educated, Gearhead, Hacker Ethic, Social Chameleon and Survivor
  • Kasatha: Hunter, Keeper of Secrets, Quicker than the Eye and Speaker to the Dead
  • Lashunta: Con Artis, Diplomatic Magic, Infiltrator and Psychic Sensitive
  • Shirren: Alien Mind, Hive Link, Spiritual Path and Telepathic Guidance
  • Vesk: Destructive, Intimidating Presence, Never Say Die and Venomous Claws
  • Ysoki: Prehensile Tail, Quick Hands, Resilient, Skulker, and Unobtrusive

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