Infinite Space: Artful Scavengers: the Ysoki (SFRPG)



A popular spacefarer legend tells how the ysoki began as a created race, designed through genetics, magic, or both, to serve as technicians, scroungers, and couriers. Other legends describe how an ancient race discovered the ysoki on their native planet and ushered them to the stars as either a gift or a cruel joke. Regardless of their true origins, the ysoki now live on countless worlds. They have gained a reputation for ingenuity, cleverness, quick wits, and their ability to scrounge exactly what they need when they need it most.

This sourcebook contains:

  • Alternate Racial Traits – Climber, Dodger, Hapless, Limber, Mechanic’s Ear and Survivor
  • Racial Feats – Cadger, Codebreaker, Daredevil Pilot, Dirty Trickster, Dodger, Expert Smuggler, Haggler, Knife in the Dark and Saboteur
  • New Equipment – Ysoki shuriken, Quicksilver Holdout Pistol, Pouch suit. 
  • New Language – Ysoki Knot Cant

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