Infinite Space: Dark Relics (SFRPG)


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Magitech, the term used to describe the blending of magic and technology, has improved the lives of millions of creatures. Once viewed as incompatible, these combined areas of discovery have cured diseases, powered planets, and enhanced the speed and reliability of travel and communication. Unfortunately, despite the bewildering array of life-saving tools it has brought to market, magitech has also unleashed its share of destruction and misery in the form of phased plague bombs, cursed ammunition, and other horrors. The worst such hybrid items include the banned relics collectively known as necrotech—a blending of technology and necromancy. Here are nine new hybrid items for use in campaigns, both as tools in the hands of villains as well as loot for victorious adventurers. In addition to the benefits and powers each item grants, several of them carry downsides intended to make life interesting for player characters.

This sourcebook contains the following:Brain-in-a-Jar; Burrower Seed Pod; Curse Daemon; Infernal Mote; Mind’s Eye Spider; Mutagen, Unstable; Slip-Skin (Changeling suit); Undead Symbiont; and Zombie Mist

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