Infinite Space: Equipment Quirks and Flaws (SFRPG)


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When adventurers seek weapons, armor, and other equipment, they need look no further than the nearest specialty store, arms dealer, or illegal market. For the most part, the plasma rifle or grav car offered for sale at one locale is the same plasma rifle or grav car found at any shop or dealer throughout the galaxy. Weapons, armor, and other equipment vary by level, price, and statistics, but otherwise possess no distinguishing features to set them apart from one another. This sourcebook contains the following:

  • EQUIPMENT QUIRKS: Accurate [any ranged weapon], Ancient [any battery-powered item], Brutal [melee weapons with the archaic property], Efficient [any battery-powered item], Exotic, History, Intimidating [weapon, armor], Lucky [weapon], Named [weapon, vehicle], Possessive, Pristine, Reliable, Responsive [vehicles], Supercharged [weapon with the powered property], Tricky, Ultralight [one-handed weapon without the operative property] and Unique.
  • EQUIPMENT FLAWS: Alien, Breached Containment [battery-powered weapon or armor], Bulky, Complex, Cursed, Distinctive, Experimental, Illegal, Inaccurate [ranged weapon], Inefficient [any battery-powered item], Jury-Rigged, Over-Heated [any non-archaic ranged weapon], Recoil [ranged projectile weapon], Temperamental [any item other than weapon or armor], Ugly and Underpowered [any battery-powered weapon].

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