Infinite Space: Familiar Magic (SFRPG)


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In ancient times, a spellcaster could call upon a small animal or other creature to serve as their familiar. The familiar functioned as the spellcaster’s eyes and ears and constant companion. This practice became so common that, eventually, the presence of a familiar became synonymous with those who used magic. Now, thanks to a combination of sorcery and technology, spellcasters have rediscovered the benefits of a familiar. Here is a new spell, find familiar, to add to the spell lists of both the mystic and the technomancer, followed by eight types of familiars for a caster to summon. Each familiar offers its own benefits and special abilities. Unlike the old ways, a modern spellcaster no longer uses a living animal to serve as a familiar, but rather creates one out of magically conjured materials and components.

This sourcebook contains Familiar Types:

  • Akashic Tome – This familiar appears like a thick, leather-bound book stuffed full of pages of different sizes. When consulted or asked a question, it opens itself and flips through its pages. This familiar is linked to the Akashic record and has access to this treasure trove of knowledge.
  • Ectoplasmic Emanation – This translucent blob of ectoplasm has a wicked sense of humor and enjoys causing mischief and mayhem. It is ideally suited for collecting or stealing small, handheld objects.
  • Empathic Dove – A pulse of magical light solidifies into the form of a dove or similar bird-like creature. The empathic dove picks up on the emotions and surface thoughts of nearby creatures, while also helping its caster maintain peace and mediate disputes.
  • Gremlin – From a distance, a gremlin resembles an oddly misshapen and shrunken goblin. Only up close can one see that it actually consists of a swarm of buzzing, swirling nanobots.
  • Hologrammatic Spider – Formed by a series of highly nimble force fields, this hard-light hologram looks like a spindly arachnid suffused with a pale amber glow. It is adept at treating injuries and assisting a physician in caring for the sick and the wounded.
  • Quicksilver Globe – This familiar resembles a fist-sized sphere of mercury with cat-like eyes. It functions as a useful—and difficult to detect—spy for observing or collecting information.
  • Scavenger Bot – Cobbled from seemingly random pieces of broken technology, this machine is surprisingly sturdy despite its homely appearance. It excels at scavenging technological parts and components and repurposing them for other uses.
  • Serpentine Code – While this familiar resembles a two-foot length of cable or bundled wire, it moves and writhes like a snake. It excels at slipping inside computers and other technological systems to grant its caster enhanced access. When penetrating or while inside a computer, it exists as electrical energy and lines of code rather than in solid form.

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