Infinite Space: Laboratories of the Fleshweaver (SFRPG)



Millennia ago, an ancient race known as the Fleshweavers sought to populate the galaxy with creatures designed and bred to serve specific purposes. Through a combination of genetic manipulation and magical alteration, they crafted soldiers, servants, laborers, and even pets to suit their whims and needs. Eventually, these created races overthrew their masters and earned their freedom. While the Fleshweavers eventually went extinct, the secrets of their genetic tampering survived and found their way into the laboratories of unscrupulous scientists. These individuals went on to create new creatures for their own purposes, often selling their creations to warlords, crime syndicates, and wealthy collectors. The most deranged of these new fleshweavers have unleashed all manner of monsters into the wild—monsters that otherwise could not exist in nature. Such practices are illegal or forbidden in almost every civilized world.

This sourcebook contains the following:

  • Template Graft: Flesh-Crafted (CR 2+)
  • Creature Special Abilities: Adrenaline Surge (Ex), Anti-Radiation Aura (Ex), Bonded (Ex), Camouflage, Dampening Aura, Eater, High-G Acclimation, Kinetic Battery, Mind Link, Mount, Personality Implant, Radiation Feeder, Shared Language, Summoned, Telepathic Bond, Tentacles, Warped and Zero-G Acclimation

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