Facts about NeoExodus

NeoExodus Flags and Standards

  • NeoExodus is a world that has advanced through its inhabitants’ mastery of arcane magic, perhaps counterintuitive to classic fantasy and medieval times. Magic is pervasive here, from the instantaneous point-to-point travel via the Nexus Gateways to the sentient, free-willed arcane constructs, known as Arcane Intelligences, to skyships and siege weaponry powered by arcane and eldritch power alike. Even commonplace magic-casters use their skills to provide many basic provisions and necessities to major cities and indeed some small towns. The progressive nature of magic in NeoExodus has transformed the world into something feeling quite modern.
  • NeoExodus is a world built upon epic adventures, heroic quests, and valiant expeditions into the unknown. Through magical and non-magical means, heroic adventurers reach greater realms of excitement and discoveries, giving them new challenges to confront and monsters to combat. With its exotic locations and unusual surroundings, Exodus pulls heroes across the world, through the lands of many nations and countries. This world hosts many stunning locales, from the tropical rain forest and jungle of the Wyldlands of Bal to the frigid and dangerous peaks in the mountains of Nas. Exodus is truly host to invigorating exploration and exhilarating action.
  • NeoExodus is the stage for the power struggles and issues of numerous sovereign empires and nations. While these states—the Arman Protectorate, the Caneus Empire, the Dominion, and the Reis Confederacy—have joined and believe in the unity of the Imperial Alliance, old adversaries and bitter rivalries cause much turmoil. Many of these nations and empires share long-standing conflicts that continue to influence the decisions of the modern day. Other influential groups like the Sanguine Covenant and Section Omega can be felt in the backrooms and dark alleys of any of these nations and empires. Even more, this fragile peace is threatened by global problems including the Janus Horde, the quickslaver pandemic, and even criminal terrorist organizations like the Folding Circle.
  • NeoExodus is rarely at peace for long. Throughout its troubled history, wars and murder were never far away. With so many different cultures and races working together, disagreements are inevitable. These conflicts might be based on nationality, religious beliefs, or even racial issues, and these prejudices are deeply and widely rooted throughout daily life. The formation of the Imperial Alliance has done much to help its citizens understand different perspectives, and so the Exodites are now finding ways to coexist and thrive.
  • NeoExodus as a setting mixes classic fantasy, modern political conflict, and intrigue with neo-fantasy influences. The world of Exodus allows for some degree of moral flexibility; people who might be diametrically opposed might work together for a greater cause—often for good and sometimes for evil. In this world, nothing is black or white, and nothing is exactly what it seems to be. While an individual might be aligned with chaotic evil, this does not mean they cannot be honorable or even compassionate in the face of a larger purpose. And vice versa.
  • NeoExodus is full of new races, each quite different from the norm: cavians, cyneans, dalreans, enuka, tieflings, kalisans, prymidians, p’tan, and sasori. Cavians are psionic humanoid rats with a hidden agenda. Cyneans are powerful arcane spellcasters with crystalline skin and a thirst for arcane knowledge. Dalreans are mobile humanoid plants strongly connected to the ecology of Exodus. Enuka are beast-like creatures who have evolved and adapted to various harsh environments. Tieflings claim to be the first race to master magic in Exodus. Kalisans are pale-white nomadic humanoids native to northern Exodus. Prymidians are crimson-skinned humanoids who are masters of communication and language. The p’tan are shadow-created feline humanoids who were once slaves of the First Ones. Sasori are humanoid scorpions that hold all the deepest and darkest secrets of Exodus.
  • NeoExodus is a world built on conspiracies, deception, and intrigue. Empires and nations compete for many things—money, political influence, territory, magical power—each looking to maintain or improve its status by any means short of all-out war. Clandestine meetings, espionage, black-market deals, and sabotage are all basic parts of doing business. Many organizations, nations, and factions maneuver and manipulate in the rapidly changing political climate.
  • Everything has a place in NeoExodus. If it exists in the classic or traditional fantasy settings of Pathfinder, then it has a place in Exodus. A monster or spell or magic item from the Pathfinder core rulebooks might feature a manipulation or two to explain the attitude, character, and tone of Exodus, but otherwise everything you’d want to include has a place somewhere in this world.